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Get a sneak peek here of tonight’s Mormon church ‘Be One’ celebration with photos from the rehearsal

Jeremy Harmon By Jeremy Harmon , trent nelson June 1

Read the Mormon church’s presentation on when clergy should report child abuse

Nate Carlisle By Nate Carlisle May 31

Arizona case shows why Mormon bishops are not reporting sex abuse to police every time. That has a prosecutor complaining about the church’s lawyers.

Nate Carlisle By Nate Carlisle May 31

There’s a ghost town in the Utah desert founded — and later abandoned — by Mormon Hawaiians. Their descendants return every Memorial Day weekend to clean the graves.

Courtney Tanner By Courtney Tanner May 27

Mormon church transfers missionaries out of Nicaragua due to ‘growing political instability’

Nate Carlisle By Nate Carlisle May 22

In ‘Mother’s Milk,’ a young Mormon writer makes the idea of a Heavenly Mother feel as everyday as, well, writing poems while the kids nap

Ellen Fagg Weist By Ellen Fagg Weist May 11

Mormon church reassigns volunteers serving in Turkey due to political unrest

Larrisa Beth Turner By Larrisa Beth Turner April 29

Utah civil rights legend France Davis celebrates 44th anniversary as pastor of a growing Calvary Baptist Church

Bob Mims By Bob Mims April 22

LDS temple in Houston reopens after repairing hurricane damage

Pamela Manson By Pamela Manson April 22

Mormon prophet speaks in Hong Kong about the importance of strong families

Pamela Manson By Pamela Manson April 22

High price of real estate poses real obstacles for Utah churches seeking to relocate

Kathy Stephenson By Kathy Stephenson April 18

Visiting LDS president salutes Kenya’s Mormon ‘pioneers’

Bob Mims By Bob Mims April 17

Utah Jazz owner Gail Miller set out to teach — not preach — in her new book

Scott D. Pierce By Scott D. Pierce April 15

Navajo Nation judge weighs jurisdiction of sexual abuse lawsuits against the Mormon church

By The Associated Press April 11

Mormon church to celebrate end to ban on blacks entering the priesthood

Peggy Fletcher Stack By Peggy Fletcher Stack April 9

A new general authority for the LDS Church is also a longtime lobbyist for oil, mining companies

Emma Penrod By Emma Penrod April 5

‘Trek’ is a ‘by Mormons, for Mormons’ humorous spin on pioneer re-enactments — and an attempt at making a classic teen movie

Sean P. Means By Sean P. Means April 4

Woman sues the LDS Church, says she was raped by Missionary Training Center president

Nate Carlisle By Nate Carlisle April 4

Ex-fertility doctor facing suit for using his own sperm is a former Mormon mission and temple president

Eric Walden By Eric Walden April 4

A Mormon church instructor in Texas sexually abused children as young as 2, police say

By Kristine Phillips | The Washington Post April 3

Dan Reynolds’ second LoveLoud Festival to support LGBTQ youths will bring Imagine Dragons, Zedd, Mike Shinoda, Grace VanderWaal to Salt Lake City

Eric Walden By Eric Walden April 2

Russia, India, Nicaragua to get their first Mormon temples; Utah to get its 19th

Pamela Manson By Pamela Manson , david noyce April 1

‘There is no limit to the gross, sexually explicit questions’ — Big crowd marches through Salt Lake City calling for an end to one-on-one Mormon bishop interviews with youths

Courtney Tanner By Courtney Tanner March 30

Kirby: I had another painful, and I do mean painful, lesson about just how precious life is and why we shouldn’t waste it

Robert Kirby By Robert Kirby March 29