No matter where you live or what you do, the COVID-19 outbreak is causing a massive disruption to our lives, and it seems the worst is yet to come. We are all relying on a robust response of local public services, but after years of chronic underfunding, so much — from health care to infrastructure — is stretched as far as it can go.

Navigating this crisis will require nimble and quick responses that differ area to area, but with businesses facing uncertain futures, workers requiring greater assistance and government budgets up in the air, it is easy to see how previous plans are going to fly out the window.

We are in an unprecedented moment. And we need Sen. Mitt Romney to step up. We need him to lead the fight to directly fund state and local budgets. This means not just helping Utah but helping our cities and counties so they can fund their budgets and services as well.

While the recent relief bill contains help, it also comes with a lot of restrictions and strings attached. The surge in unemployment numbers underscores that we are in uncharted waters. Our local governments need to be able to use that money as they see best, especially as local revenues fall while demands on local services rise.

This is the moment where we need someone who has a real voice for our area to do the job we elected him to do — protect America, invest in America’s future and preserve the American Dream.

Will Kocher, Salt Lake City