Here I am 80 years old — I’ve seen a lot in 80 years. Always had great faith in our democracy, a gift that our founders gave us 243 years ago. I lived through the ups and downs of our nation.

Over this time, I have voted Republican and Democratic. However, over time I started to lean toward the Democratic platform. Basically, I could not vote for a Republican platform of “flow-down economics.”

I strongly believe in health benefits for all, climate change, pollution control, equality, etc. The Republican Party and its leader “Donald Trump” have led this nation into a nation of despair, neighbor against neighbor, fake media, fake climate change, fake science, abandoning allies, supporting dictators, corruption, and childlike behavior.

I rarely get into discussion regarding politics and religion, but this old-timer cannot stay silent. We need to replace Trump and all his cowardly lackeys.

E. C. Johnson, Salt Lake City