Former Texas Rep.and presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke does not speak for all Democrats when he says it’s time to take away your assault weapons but he does speak for me. President Trump should know that you don’t need a military weapon to kill Bambi or defend your home.

Trump and Senate Majority Leader McConnell will never push for background checks or red-flag laws because like most Republicans they are bought and paid for by the NRA.

I think it's time to repeal the 2nd Amendment right to a gun and make owning a gun a privilege instead of a right. Guns should be licensed by a state gun department in the same manner that automobile drivers are licensed by the DMV A gun safety class would be required and every gun owner would be subject to a background check and mental health assessment to weed out the criminal element and mentally challenged among us. Might be too late with more guns than American people out there but it would be better than nothing. 40,000 gun deaths annually in this country is intolerable, inexcusable and unnecessary. The mass killings need to stop.

Marty Bernstein, Midvale