Recent letters to the Salt Lake Tribune have decried the feature articles of Peggy Fletcher Stack’s coverage of LDS missionary efforts in Russia. I respectfully take issue with the dismay of my fellow Tribune readers. For me, a native Utahn and cradle Catholic, the articles provided an enlightening perspective on Russian society through the lens of Mormonism. I did not feel that the Salt Lake Tribune was melding into a version of the Deseret News but rather that the paper was upholding a long tradition of fine religious reporting.

One of the casualties of the Tribune’s downsizing was the demise of the Saturday religion section. I miss it because it gave me the opportunity to learn about the customs and activities of the many faiths represented in Utah. I’m glad, however, that Ms. Fletcher Stack has survived the many employee lay-offs the paper has endured so I can continue to enjoy her articles, whether or not they cover LDS issues.

Keep up the good work, Ms. Fletcher Stack! I’m pulling for the Latter-day Saint missionaries in Russia, the survival of the Tribune, and you.

Elizabeth Egleston Giraud, Salt Lake City