If you do not like what is occurring in your country, you can change it by voting.

Bain Capital, greed and debt is the true story of Mitt Romney. President Donald Trump is a con man. The Trump family did not pay half a billion in estate taxes to the IRS. The Republicans have furthered the Trump agenda and are co-conspirators. The tax law was mainly for the rich and adds to the deficit in astounding numbers.

Most Republican politicians (especially the senators) care about greed and do not care about your health care. The goal is to reduce the entitlements; those include Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid. The Republicans’ agenda is to line their pockets and the pockets of their corporate friends, and they are enabling Trump to destroy democracy.

The bashing of the rule of law and the attacks on the free press are ways that dictators take over countries. After the election, Trump will get rid of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and then special counsel Robert Mueller. Mueller is getting too close to the Trump finances.

Is this the next Nazi Germany? The women can change the course of this country by getting out and voting!

Holly A. Carlin, Park City