What would the American psyche be like if the media, written and televised, would cease the use of inflammatory words?

The Salt Lake Tribune reported the Supreme Court nomination process as "the setting up of a ferocious confirmation battle." NBC Nightly News used the word “battle” when reporting on the same issue. These are just a few examples of our journalistic press gone awry.

Whatever happened to the responsible journalism that reported the facts with words that were civil, respectful and truthful? “Battle” could easily be exchanged for “debate.” Does the journalistic community even realize the unrest and disquiet it has sown in the American soul? Do journalists even care? Is there any twinge of conscience that would turn this travesty of inflammatory reporting into mature journalism?

Or is the courting of readership too important to respect and report the facts without all of the editorializing?

Sharon Kirby Butler, Holladay