Having just read Nate Carlisle’s article on Rocky Anderson’s law office published on June 17, I am somewhat speechless.

Employee challenges more than likely are the norm and not the exception with companies the world over. Why, therefore, does a case of two disgruntled colleagues at his law office, while painful and difficult on all sides, suddenly become front-page “newsworthy”? There are avenues open to employees to express grievances that would give all parties an opportunity to address charges and respond to complaints.

The Tribune article was a character smear, and the only reason I can think of why The Tribune would publish something so subjective, so arbitrary and so unfair would be to climb on board the current tabloid wave sweeping the country.

Mr. Anderson should do us all a favor and file a complaint against The Tribune. This is not journalism and one reason why newspapers across the country are losing credibility and readership. At a time when so many of our cherished institutions are under such assault, we must continue to set the highest standards for truth and responsible journalism.

Carlisle’s article was a disgrace to your organization and to your profession in general.

Randall Tolpinrud, Salt Lake City