In a recycled column about the Fourth of July, George Pyle writes: “Independence Day is not about flags, fireworks, military hardware, past presidents or any other icons or graven images. It is about the importance of individual liberty and the recognition that the protection of that liberty is the primary duty of government.”

I could be wrong, but the Declaration of Independence strikes me as having less to do with “individual liberty” than with the collective good. Phrases like “one People,” “the Population,” “us” and “public” are scattered throughout the document; nowhere is there any reference to any individual self. Its most memorable phrase is “All men are created equal,” an idea that’s far more congruent with socialism than with any sort of libertarian individualism.

America is more polarized now than it’s been in decades. I salute the Founders for putting “We the People” first and think we should follow their example.

Tom Huckin, Salt Lake City