Sen. Orrin Hatch’s newly revealed acceptance of the LGBT community should be welcomed by all in our state and nation. As a soon-to-be regular member of the common community, unshackled from the pressure of political policy, we should all hope he uses his influence in the future for those whom society and history have treated differently. That includes but is not exclusive to race, sex, age, political affiliation, religion or spirituality, bad choices or poor luck, physical or mental disability or just being the person who feels different from The Neighbors and community.

I would like to think that he can now “hang out” with his extended family and friends and realize, with an open and empathetic mind, that we all have people in our lives who are “different” — and yet they really not.

Sen. Hatch, you have earned your retirement and I hope you can relax. If you are ever in my neighborhood, please stop by. I will gladly partake with you of a toast of Champagne, Martinelli’s, mineral water, Mount Olympus spring water, Canadian whiskey, cold cerveza, a chilled Australian white or just a good old Diet Coke. The choices are endless. Choices are good. I do hope that you believe throughout your years of public service that your choices were from your heart and what was for the best of the people you represented in Utah and the United States. Since you don’t have to kowtow to anyone anymore, please don’t act like you like Donald Trump. He really is an idiot.

William R. Hadley, Salt Lake City