Our state is beset by glaring environmental inequity. Working-class Utahns, especially communities of color, disproportionately shoulder the costs of climate change, colonial erosions of tribal sovereignty, food deserts, and public water subsidies for private gain.

Politicians offer platitudes and pledges, but rarely does a candidate offer both a theory of change and the passion to confront these problems at their root. Darin Mann stands out as the only candidate in the race for House District 24 to prioritize environmental justice.

Mann understands that fighting for environmental justice requires building democratic power — of the people, by the people, for the people — while opposing those who profit at our expense. He successfully organized communities to help stop destructive dams on the Bear River, expanded urban agriculture on vacant land and brought the power of diverse, grass-roots coalitions to bear on Capitol Hill.

He is the sole candidate for House District 24 to confront the climate crisis with the urgency it deserves, standing up for 100 percent renewable energy, a progressive carbon tax, and public works to provide just transitions and decent jobs for all workers.

I trust Mann’s commitment to put people over profit in our struggle for a more equitable environment.

Matt Kirkegaard, Salt Lake City