Utah believes families should be together forever! Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me.” The horrific violations of human rights on our borders must be stopped and reversed immediately. America is supposed to be a shining city on a hill. Separating children from their parents is cruel, inexcusable and wrong.

The American Society of Pediatrics is opposed to this policy, stating that it causes severe and often irreversible damage to their brain development. What kind of horrible people think it is OK to do this to young children for any reason?

It’s also fiscally irresponsible to house and care for children separately when their own parents can and should be providing that care at less cost to the American taxpayers.

Senator Hatch and Senator Lee, I beg you to use your considerable influence to put a stop to this cruelty. Any good this administration can do will be hidden beneath the stench of these despicable, inhumane actions.

Shauna Livingston, Taylorsville