The hand-wringers are at it again, criticizing President Donald Trump’s performance in Singapore. They are bemoaning his giving concessions while getting nothing in return.

Our turmeric-tinged president is a negotiator, folks. Everything is transactional with him. He goes with his gut. He uses concession and confrontation equally to get what he wants. Even Trump’s low-information supporters understand this; why can’t everyone else?

Listen, he’s like one of those zero-turn-radius mowers. He can change political directions so fast it even makes Mitt Romney’s head spin. What he demands, what he rants about, even the documents he signs can be repudiated at any time or for any reason — real or imagined.

So don’t worry about what appears to have been given away in Singapore. And don’t worry about North Korea’s nukes. KJU is not about to bite the hand he hopes will feed him. He wants freighters showing up in his ports loaded with food and materials to shore up his repressive regime, including those generals in their elevator hats.

Sit back in your Barcalounger, pop the cap off a Corona and chill out.

Lynn Maland, Millcreek