Oh dear, the powerful Israeli lobbies are at it again. The lobbies are made up of 400 corporate, nonprofit-status groups, a $6 billion industry in the U.S. The highly organized groups scan U.S. newspapers looking for words such as “Israel” and “Palestine” so they can quickly respond to any negative news concerning Israel. This makes it difficult for the American public to learn what really is going on in Israel, when the lobbies control the conversation.

The Tribune printed an informative article on May 6 by Michael S. Robinson, suggesting that the U.S. is not unbiased in the Middle East, but supports Israel more than the Palestinians. Immediately we hear from Daniel H. Trigoboff, Ph.D., from New York, claiming Robinson is ranting and raving against the Jews.

He claimed The Tribune was hate-mongering for publishing Nazi propaganda. Jews tend to get upset if Israel is criticized, even for legitimate reasons.

The truth is, the Jewish lobby can’t handle the truth. Israel has developed into a military industrial complex exporting arms to many countries after first testing them on Palestinian refugees who are its guinea pigs. Its army (Israel Defense Force) shoots unarmed civilians, often in the back. Please, Israel, don’t say the civilians are dangerous because they are burning tires. How could a tire be a threat to a sniper who could be a mile away? Praise to The Tribune and praise to freedom of the press.

Barbara Taylor, Salt Lake City