While watching the KSL Primary Children’s Telethon, I saw all kinds of hugs: hugs of appreciation, sympathy, empathy, recognition and human understanding. On KSL I also saw Al Roker give a car and a hug to a needy mother. He got a hug in return. I come from a family of huggers. On rare occasions I have been moved to hug someone and saw them step back; I got it and understood. We all know when to step back, and it works.

I know teachers who actually retired early because of fear that someone might complain that they hugged their child. Children quite often are huggers. I read about Richard Paul Evans and others not being invited back to FanX because of some woman’s complaint over a hug. If Evans were asked back and chose to come, perhaps his signing table could have two lines and signs saying hugs to the left and non-huggers to the right.

Good grief! What are we coming to? I do not agree with Layton author Mette Ivie Harrison, who writes fantasy novels (The Tribune, May 5). Not every hugger is a harasser.

Adeline Jouflas, Holladay