In response to Lynne Larson’s May 8 letter, I would like to remind her that 60 million people voted for Donald Trump to lead our country and make America great again.

We did not vote him into office to be our “spiritual leader,” although he emphatically supports the Christian community and we should all pray for him. In the short time he has been in office, he has kept his promises and the results are evident. The economy is doing great, the war on ISIS was won, lower taxes, lowest unemployment in 18 years, our foreign policies are on a good track and much more.

The indiscretion you so blatantly criticize happened a decade ago with the help of the liberal news media that want nothing more than to push our president out of office.

As a Mormon woman you should know the scripture in Matthew 7 to not judge so you will not be judged.

The women’s conference in Provo was an important event to support women who have been physically and emotionally abused.

Jean B. Bingham should have felt honored standing next to our president, representing the LDS Church on the National Day of Prayer.

Erika H. Pimper, Brigham City