I am a registered Republican and have voted for that party for years but I am having a hard time admitting to it any more. Since Trump was elected president, everything has changed.

Republicans, and especially Utah Republicans, have come to the aid of Trump to apologize for his misdeeds. He still has his base of 35-40 percent of loyal party members that put party before country even though he has demonstrated that he is totally unfit for office. What’s even crazier is that, in Utah, his base is around 50 percent. Now that Robert Mueller is closing in on him, his loyal followers actually believe that the FBI and the Department of Justice are out to get him (thanks mostly to Fox News). Does this guy really deserve this kind of loyalty?What happened to the party of family values?

What does it take to finally give up on him and ask him to resign (or pay him to resign, an offer he is far more likely to take)? I am afraid that even if Mueller finds him guilty of any crimes, we will have his base still clinging to him even if it leads to the downfall of our country.

Bart S. Croxford, Sandy