Recently, President Trump quickly accepted a face-to-face meeting with the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un, regarding their regime suddenly negotiating “giving up” their nukes.


The one thing that absolutely shows is that this president has absolutely no understanding of the well-known college-level Basics of Negotiating 101. That is, in any high-level negotiation, the final decision-maker should never be in the room. This is a clearly understood fact in government and business negotiations that apparently this president has not remotely understood and has scarily jumped on, much to our peril.

When the ultimate decision-maker is in the room, whatever s/he says is now clearly considered as final. Which then formally restricts any subsequent and ultimate negotiations related to that openly stated decision. Only if the president is lying can he and we, the United States, clearly then move to alter whatever he initially, as the final decision-maker, agreed to.

Wow, can anyone be so naïve? And this guy is supposed to be the great negotiator/deal maker? Really? What could possibly go wrong?

Best regards, always. And keep up the great work at The Tribune.

Jeff Clawson, Salt Lake City