Our family recently migrated north to Farmington, and I thought it was the perfect suburb to live in. I had heard, but disregarded, the weird, scary stories at work (University Hospital) from the older generation of how things used to be in this state, thinking things had changed by 2018.

With great pride for our new state-of-the-art high school, the students voted for the Phoenix as their new mascot. This Harry Potter generation loves the idea of the bird that regenerates, or is born again, rising from the ashes of its predecessor, magically, triumphantly.

Farmington Mayor Jim Talbot’s February newsletter, however, has shattered my optimism and my ideals of living in a fair and just small town, close to so many beautiful mountains, trails, ski slopes and amenities.

I’m in disbelief that this ridiculous rhyming conclusion by the mayor will have any effect and trust the mascot the students picked will remain. To the students, “Phoenix” doesn’t bring to mind “male genitalia.”

The Phoenix is used by many prestigious colleges, schools, even the Olympics.

Our children will be our leaders soon. Let them decide their mascot. Please.

Brynne Hammack, Farmington