Hey, wait a minute. Doron Lubinsky of Atlanta (Public Forum, Feb. 11), where are you coming from? The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement is a legitimate, constitutionally protected avenue for the public to react, nonviolently, using civil disobedience to Israel’s far-right apartheid government.

Israel is no longer a democracy but has become a militaristic oligarchy denying civil rights to Palestinians and other minorities. Just last week, it gave refugees from Eritrea and other African countries two weeks to depart the country or face arrest and imprisonment.

Human Rights Watch and the U.N. document daily home invasions and house demolitions. How could Mahmoud Abbas agree to negotiate when the U.S. has shown it is not an honest broker? President Donald Trump has already signaled that he has thrown his trump card to the Israelis when he unilaterally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Lubinsky missed the point of the Brister-Remillar letter (Public Forum, Feb. 7), which was that Sen. Orrin Hatch responded to a meeting at his office concerning the fact that our legislators give priority to Israel’s oppression and occupation over the American public’s right to freedom of speech. Hatch responded with a form letter that did not address the topic.

Barbara Taylor, Salt Lake City