I opened The Tribune on Christmas morning and almost threw up on Santy Claus. There was the grinch himself with the title “Utahn of the Year.” Reading your narrative of what that means, I understood your choice because it was not an honor, it was rather a statement of getting action. Much like Hitler would have been in 1944 in Germany.

However, most people would think this title was for a person who was being honored. Anyone seeing that title and a third of a front page photo would think it was a tribute. Many people in Utah now understand there is very little honor in Orrin Hatch.

It was telling that almost no one voted for this man. He, in fact, has hurt the people of Utah in myriad ways for years. He’s taken millions from donors and used his influence to hurt ordinary people and enrich those donors. He championed a health care scheme that would have hurt hundreds of thousands of his own people. He helped create a “tax revision” that will cost most people in Utah dearly. He has prostituted himself by lavishing praise on one of the most immoral despicable individuals in American history, whose behavior should be criticized and censored.

Please amend this “selection” by calling it anything other than “Utahn of the Year.” Please don’t let people think you are honoring someone with his credentials. Call it “Utah Newsmaker of the Year.”

Bad journalism, Tribune. Terrible choice of words for someone whose business is words.

Cary Hobbs, Midway