The Dec. 26 article in The Tribune sports section publicized a couple who declared: “Utes need fans more than my kids need me on Christmas.” Talk about moronic, childish and self-aggrandizing attitude. A blatant disregard of family first, football later.

Deciding to travel to a low-level bowl game in a city that will only four days later host a truly major bowl competition.

Leaving the children to deal with one of the most significant family together times each year.

Ironic, the Utah game was shown on television, something that could have been watched in the comfort of home and loved ones. Instead, they sat amid thousands of strangers, everyone yelling and screaming about two teams whose season records were at best marginal, if not minimal in the vein of major competition.

At least the article also spoke of the gentleman who decided to make it a father and sons outing, a potential bonding scenario even the most football-weary mother would have to agree to.

The fervent Ute couple should make sure to bring back a game program so their children can have a memento of how they spent Christmas Day 2017. Oh, and don’t forget the chicken wings since the fast food restaurant chain, Zaxbys, was the game’s sponsor.

James F. Oshust, Millcreek