Do you work at a place so great that your alarm going off in the morning doesn’t inspire instant dread at the thought of having to trudge off to the office?

Might we suggest you share the good news?

For the fifth straight year, The Salt Lake Tribune and Energage, an employee research and consulting firm, are taking nominations for “Utah’s Top Workplaces.” And the deadline for nominations has been extended to May 18.

Any public, private, nonprofit or government organization with 35 or more employees in Utah is eligible. Workers who believe their companies look out for their employees, show them that they are valued, and give them the resources to do their jobs in an efficient and satisfying manner are asked to participate.

Nomination forms are available at, or voters can call 801-803-6841.

Once a company is nominated, its employees will be sent a 24-question survey seeking information about aspects of workplace operations that can separate the good from the mediocre.

Energage CEO Doug Claffey said his organization sent surveys last year to 31,582 Utah employees of 102 nominated companies and agencies (nearly 800 organizations were invited to participate). It got 20,177 back (a nearly 64 percent response rate).

So far this year, 103 employers have signed up to take the Top Workplaces survey, and of those, more than 40 are newcomers to the program.

Energage does similar analyses for more than 45 major metropolitan newspapers across the nation, and the research firm said 2.5 million employees from 6,000 nominees have been surveyed about what makes their workplaces special.