Utah liquor stores can’t advertise what’s on sale, but here are 3 ways to discover the deals before you shop

Kathy Stephenson By Kathy Stephenson 3d ago

Solar projects in Utah, Oregon to power Facebook data centers

By The Associated Press 3d ago

With nearly 125,000 attending in 2018, Sundance Film Festival is a major economic draw, study says

Sean P. Means By Sean P. Means 5d ago

Tribe begins negotiations with possible new coal plant owner

By The Associated Press 5d ago

Higher density may help Utah’s housing crisis — but it’s a solution many don’t want near them

Tony Semerad By Tony Semerad July 14

Utah’s Nordic Valley proposes huge ski expansion, including plans for one of the world’s longest gondolas

Brian Maffly By Brian Maffly July 13

There could be eight times more coal mining near Bryce Canyon National Park if Trump’s BLM has its way

Brian Maffly By Brian Maffly July 12

Twitter purge costs Mitt Romney, Mormon church, The Tribune and other Utah-tied social media accounts thousands of followers

Benjamin Wood By Benjamin Wood July 12

Judge finds Young Living acted in ‘bad faith,’ orders it to pay doTERRA $1.8 million

Nate Carlisle By Nate Carlisle July 12

Online sales tax decision could give Utah another $60M

By Lindsay Whitehurst | The Associated Press July 12

Papa John’s founder resigns from pizza company’s board after reportedly using a racial slur

By The Associated Press July 11

What to expect from Sun Valley’s ‘summer camp for billionaires’

By Nabila Ahmed and Alex Barinka | Bloomberg July 10

Starbucks will stop handing out plastic straws by 2020

By Abha Bhattarai | The Washington Post July 9

What do you think of all this construction? About half of Utah voters say they support new apartment buildings, condos and houses.

Tony Semerad By Tony Semerad July 5

What’s new for Amazon’s Prime Day? Deals at Whole Foods.

By Joseph Pisani | The Associated Press July 3

The U.S.-Canada ketchup war is escalating, and it could affect your fry sauce

By Alan Freeman | The Washington Post June 29

Utahns would pay millions less in utility bills if PacifiCorp used wind and solar instead of coal-fired power, environmentalists say

Brian Maffly By Brian Maffly June 29

30-year mortgage rate drops again

By V. Dion Haynes | The Washington Post June 28

President Trump announces a major U.S. Steel expansion that isn’t happening

By Glenn Kessler | The Washington Post June 28

Downtown Salt Lake City honors Vasilios Priskos, the late real-estate maven and booster of Utah’s urban core

Tony Semerad By Tony Semerad June 27

Supreme Court deals big setback to labor unions

By Mak Sherman | The Associated Press June 27

What’s driving historic spending in downtown Salt Lake City? Restaurants, bars and one big theater.

Tony Semerad By Tony Semerad June 26

China wants cleaner recycling and that could lead to increased fees to use those blue bins in Salt Lake County

Brian Maffly By Brian Maffly June 26

Luxury apartments, built in the midst of Salt Lake City’s homeless crisis, prove to be a smart gamble

Tony Semerad By Tony Semerad June 23